Bruno…it’s an awfully tough-sounding name for such a sweet guy.  But Bruno IS a tough guy—on the inside.

Bruno came to Pet Project originally as a stray.  He was with us for about 5 or 6 months before being adopted.  He was with his family for about a year before coming back to us this past January.  His family had several dogs…so many that it had become too much for them to handle. 

Owner surrenders always tug at my heart.  I was there the day Bruno was brought back—he was nervous, that was obvious.  I know he had to be confused about his new circumstances.  But here’s where the “tough” part comes in:  He is being as patient as he can be while waiting for his forever family to come along.  Just this past week, he was in his outside kennel while Janice & I were at the perimeter fence.  Two of his “neighbors” were outside too…and they were barking up a storm at us.  But, not Bruno.  He just sat there, calm and curious as to what we were doing.  We said “hi” to him and were rewarded with a wag of his tail. 

Bruno is a 2-3 year old, housebroken(!) shepherd mix.  He is a large, strong dog and will thrive with a family that can provide him with the exercise he needs.  He loves to play and go for walks.  He gets along well with other dogs, but, ideally, he’d probably like to have just one canine sibling to play with.

Come meet this handsome fella—he will steal your heart.


Barney and BeeBop are a tabby duo that arrived at Pet Project in March.  They came in as strays and are most likely truly siblings.  Not only are they absolutely beautiful, they are a great combination of sweet, loving, and playful. 

Barney is a curious guy who likes to be in the middle of the action.  He’s very playful and has made some good friends since being placed in the cat room a few weeks ago.  He’s become good pals with Bubba who is known by the volunteers as the “leader of the pack” in the cat room.  It speaks very highly for Barney that he’s gotten Bubba’s seal of approval.  Since he gets along so well with other cats, he’d likely fit right into a forever home with other feline family members.

BeeBop is one of the cutest cats at Pet Project.  We are all in love with her round, “baby” face.  She’s also very playful.  She gets VERY animated when playing with her toys.  She loves to get attention and has a loud purr that she’s quick to show off when you pet her.  She also gets along well with the other cats in the cat room.  I see her often rub noses with Stevie, another female cat around her age.  Like her brother, I think BeeBop would easily transition to a feline-filled forever home.

Barney and BeeBop are around a year old now, and we desperately don’t want them to grow up at the shelter.  Please consider giving this brother and sister the forever home they deserve.  If at all possible, we would like for them to stay together and offer special rates for multiple cat adoptions.