George’s Tale

October 13, 2012

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Last December, I was browsing through the Petfinder website. My previous dog had passed away in February 2011, and I had decided that our family was ready to move on and get a new dog. My husband, Keith and I had been discussing it for a while but hadn’t come to an “official” agreement yet. But I was looking anyway.

As I was browsing through dogs that were available for adoption, I came across a picture of a goofy looking 4 month old shepherd/hound pup named ‘Junior’. Now when I say goofy looking, I don’t mean there was anything wrong with him. I just mean that his face immediately told me that he was a puppy with A LOT of personality! I was in love! I  forwarded the picture to Keith’s Facebook page. He didn’t reply, so I figured that he wasn’t all that interested in a dog at that point. Feeling a little sad, I continued on with my day.

A couple hours later, Keith called me and told me that he had gone to PPI and met Junior right after I sent him the the message. He asked me if I wanted to go meet Junior after work. Of course I said YES!! So, after I got off work, we ventured over to PPI to introduce our family to Junior. After 5 minutes, I knew Junior would make a wonderful addition to our family. We were able to adopt him right then and there, and take him home that night! From the moment those giant paws ran through our front door, we knew that our home had changed for the better! We named him George and he has become as much of a member of the family as our children are! He went from being a 40lb rambunctious puppy to an over 100lb gentle giant over the past year. He has become a constant companion to me and my Husband, a playmate for our 7 year old, and a protector to our 7 month old. He has a heart big enough to match his paws (which he STILL has not fully grown into), and more patience than I have some days. He’s incredible with the kids, great with the neighbor’s dogs, and offers us hours of entertainment with his goofy antics! It’s rare to find a dog with such a wonderful personality and we consider ourselves very lucky to have found George! We are now discussing adding another pooch to our home and I hope that when we find one, that he/she will be at Pet Project Inc. The staff there is so friendly and it is very clear that they love each and every animal that walks in the door. Thank you for making George’s adoption process such a pleasant one!

~Samantha, Keith, Trevor, Aiden, and George Johnson~





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