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May 6, 2012

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“On September 3, 2011 my husband and I adopted Rosie, a one year old female mix, from Pet Project Inc.  Earlier that morning, while on Facebook I came across a friend’s post about another dog needing to find a home. Somehow, this post lead me to Pet Project Inc’s website.   I saw a picture of Rosie and liked her instantly.  I’m not sure why, maybe it was her ears that were too big for her head, maybe it was the video I saw where she was giving everyone kisses, but whatever the reason, I liked her.  I read she had been at Pet Project for over a month, even though I believed she would have been adopted out by now, I emailed Pet Project inquiring about Rosie.

About two years ago, I lost my dog, Melee.  As Melee grew, her heart didn’t, and eventually it wasn’t large enough to sustain her adult size.  We replaced her soon, with a wonderful dog, Nika, but something was still missing for me.

I couldn’t wait for an email response from Pet Project Inc letting me know if Rosie was still available, I had to go see for myself.  My husband and I drove to Marseilles in hail and rain, just so I could see.  We met Mary and another friendly volunteer at Pet Project Inc.  Mary brought Rosie to us and she immediately greeted us with kisses.  I think this is the moment I no longer liked Rosie, but fell in love with her.  We adopted Rosie the same day and she came with us to her forever home.

A couple days later, it was my 12 year old daughter (Emily) turn to meet Rosie.  Of course, Rosie greeted Emily with a million kisses and Emily fell on the ground laughing with Rosie now on top of her.  My daughter’s eyes filled with tears as she read the dog tag that said in part “Owner:  Emily”.

We couldn’t ask for a better dog than Rosie.   In fact, teasingly my husband will say that I’ve made two great decisions in the 15 years we’ve been together, the first was marrying him and the second was adopting Rosie.

Mary couldn’t tell us much about Rosie’s past, because she had been a stray, turned over to Pet Project Inc by veterinarian Dr. Novak, a vet who has offices in both Streator and Ottawa.  It is obvious to us that the people at Pet Project not only provided the basic needs for Rosie i.e. food and water, but also the emotional ones that helped make Rosie a great dog.

It may sound silly, but the little thing that had once been missing has now been filled by Rosie.  Thanks Pet Project Inc!

Pet Project Inc is a much needed resource to the LaSalle community.  Not only do the provide care to the animals in their shelter until they are adopted out, they bring smiles to families that adopt.”

Sherry Meine

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